Of trains, parks and sakura trees

Japan is everything I dreamed it would be. It was spring time and the air was cool. The perfect time for people to be gathering in parks with friends just sitting and talking for… Continue reading

First taste of samba

I have been practicing breath-hold and dynamic apnea training in a 25 meter pool for several months now, but it was just a few days ago when I first really got concerned about  ‘Samba’… Continue reading

Over the river and through the woods

I finally got to understand what drives mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts to travel hundreds of kilometers to Benguet and head up to Mt Pulag. After having witnessed a sea of white, puffy clouds from the height… Continue reading

El Nido

Pack your bags, book a flight to El Nido, Palawan and you would probably never want to come back. If you are lucky as we were you would find yourself on a secluded… Continue reading


Now I understand the difference between landscape vs portrait mode from all the violent beating that I got after showing this video to my friends. You can stick to a tour of Mt… Continue reading

Sun, Sea and Apo Reef

It’s just too bad I can only post a few photos that showcase the beauty that lies beneath the waters of Apo Reef. Batteries died and did not last long enough for me… Continue reading

Exploring Kota Kinabalu

There is always some nice, quiet beach somewhere. Our bicycle tour of Kota Kinabalu was cancelled and climbing Mt Kinabalu was just impossible to do with the limited time that we had. Thank… Continue reading